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We are the R&D team your company deserves !

We build complete end to end custom IoT & IIoT products & services for startups & MNCs looking to disrupt traditional industries.

Let Your Ideas & Our Solutions Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

IoT & IIoT has the potential to solve problems ranging from EV charging services to automating complete factories saving energy and human labour. Let us help make your dream project a reality!

Cloud Integration

From EVs to a simple bulb it's always better if you have control over your smart phone. We can help you build such solutions for your product

Software - Hardware Integration

With dozens of different hardware and software protocols in the market, it can be a challenge to create interfaces between devices, But not for us!
We have been building robust integration services for companies since last 4 years.

Design & Fabrication

Give us a vague idea of your dream, and we'll come back with a beautifully rendered 3D design, and if you like it, we'll convert it into reality!
Sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing and injection moulding are the domains where we shine the most :D

App Development in IoT

IoT apps differ from traditional apps in the sense that they use not so common protocols to communicate with machines, our expertise lies in building smooth user experiences with such protocols that are robust and tested.

We have converted dream projects into reality

There are thousands of companies that provide app development services, there are even more companies doing hardware development. But when it comes to integrating these two paradigms into a single product, there are virtually no services.

We simply help companies in building complex solutions that demand this deep understanding of hardware product development lifecycle and an even deeper understanding of software development, so that your solution is scalable as well as cost efficient. 

Our areas of expertise

Here are a few of our favourite domains, see if there's something that interests you!

Design & Fabrication

Embedded Development & Electronics

Software Development

We love to chat!
Drop us a message if you want to discuss a possible collaboration or an idea.

Our Customers

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Synergistics Tech Solutions

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Hey there! All great things start with a simple idea. Drop us yours and we'll help you convert it into reality.

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