Our Mission

Building the team of best engineers in the software hardware space and enabling our customers into virtually converting any imagined IoT product into reality.

Our Story

We started up in the second year of our college with a dream to build smart mood lights with the best in class music reactive algorithms. For two years during our college we slowly converted our hostel room into a disco floor.

The process of building and launching smart products also introduced us to several talented individuals and some of the best tech companies. 

We eventually realised that the hardware software integration space exists even outside smart lights, as the problem is still not catered by any company.

So we switched into a company that helps startups tackle such issues much easily.

Here's a fun fact, all the companies that we have worked with has given us multiple projects after the pilot. We consider this as the testament of our loyalty and sincerity towards our customers.

We are a small team of incredibly passionate engineers and designers, with a keen eye for great design. 

And if you don't believe it, drop us a message and we'll schedule a meet with our team.

Why us?